Empower Network and The Wizard of Oz


Today I want to rave a bit about the Empower Network, the company that is giving loads of people the time and financial freedom they have been looking for.

As an actor and film buff, I like to compare Empower Network to the great and mighty Wizard of Oz. 🙂

the wizardthe-wizard-of-oz characters

 Let’s look back at the lovable characters and what they needed. These characters are perfect metaphors for people like me who come to the world of entrepreneurship seeking a better life and needing those three big qualities very necessary to make it in this world – Courage, Smarts and a Heart.

cowardly lion I am a cowardly Lion 

Taking that step into your future can be scary! It takes some courage to say “hey!, I am going to step out of my comfort zone, take a leap of faith and go for it with this business” It sometimes takes standing up to your family, spouse and friends. Many times, especially as women, it is a new and scary thing to actually invest in yourself for a change.

The Empower Network, just like the Wizard of Oz, is extremely supportive in helping you overcome your fears of entrepreneurship. The sense of community and the approach-ability of even the top leaders makes it impossible to ever feel alone or unsure. Yes, you must take responsibility for your own success, as with any business, but you are NEVER alone. There is always someone to reach out to, that is ready and willing to help with a smile :-). Not to mention, the educational products the Empower Network provides, totally cuts your learning curve at least in half. You can earn while you learn and you will be meeting your goals sooner than you know. And before you know it, all your False Evidence Appearing Real i.e. F.E.A.R. will become Feeling Excited And Ready!!!! Courage!

Click here for your courage

scarecrow-wizard-of-oz I am the “brain-less” Scarecrow

Of course we are not truly brain-less 🙂 But starting out in a new business, you may not know what to do or how to do it.

No where else can you find knowledge as freely given, as with the Empower Network. There is an entire suite of top notch educational products that give you that “brain” you are looking for right away. (I will review these products in a later post) In no time, you will be able to run your business like a pro, from the training that is provided. Brains!

Click here to get your brains…”know how”

tin manI am the heart-less Tin Man

Empower Network as the name suggests is all about “empowering” you to succeed, not just in business, but in life!

You have the chance to make a bunch of money, but the best thing is, the paying it forward part. Without making too much of a fuss about it, there is a lot of giving back going on here. Philanthropy and charity, starting from the very top.

If you tune into the Project AWOL Reality show, you will see how the team helped out an orphanage in Thailand. One of the founders of Project AWOL actually has philanthropy as his prime reason for running this business.

Everyone that I have met in Empower Network so far has been more about helping than about making it big. This is because, the very purpose of E.N. is to help…and in so doing….to succeed financially. The entire company has HEART.

Click here if you have the HEART

Judy-Garland-as-Dorothy-i-001 I AM DOROTHY!!!

The dreamer looking ‘somewhere over the rainbow’ for that better life.

And the Empower Network is the exact company that will show you how to click those ruby slippers together three times and magically “bring you home”…but not the home in black and white…but a home in full color. The life that you are dreaming about. ruby slippers

So what kind of a life are you dreaming about? Thinks it’s possible? It IS!!! Click your ruby slippers together by clicking on the link below. And I will meet you right there over the Rainbow 🙂


Click here, enter your email address and watch the video to learn more about this company and it’s products!

I love you, have an awesome day!!! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Empower Network and The Wizard of Oz

  1. dougstuber

    Here in S. Korea the number of rules and boxes put around children and women is so thick and multi-layered it can’t be explained easily. No one follows their dreams except artists and musicians, and those two majors are pretty much forbidden in most households. So I teach classes that require students to write out their dreams in English. Etc. Nice work.

    1. Susan Post author

      Thanks Dougstuber! Thanks for visiting my blog, but more than that, thanks for what you are teaching your students in S. Korea. Just getting them started with the idea that they may have a dream, and that this dream is not worthless, but is a real part of who they are, is an awesome step in the right direction. I am sure you are opening doors that neither you nor they can see yet. It is the beginning of something great and wonderful. Well done!!! Perhaps I could feature you in one of my future showcases? would you be open to that?

  2. Salvador

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    1. Susan Post author

      Thank you for the tip Salvador! I am all about helping people, so I am approving your message in case your service may be of help to other bloggers. Thanks again and all the best! 🙂


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