Secret Writer Revealed

So, remember I told you about the fellow “secret writer” at my corporate job?

I had bought her book and am very happy to review and promote it here.


The book NINE is a humorous look into the mind of a young woman going through nine months of pregnancy to have her first child.
Pregnancy and birth is such a peculiar experience and is so completely different for everyone. Some women fall right into it. For others, it is not so easy. This is definitely worth investigating and writing about.
Amber, the protagonist, goes through a lot during her experience, causing her to question herself, her relationships and indeed her very existence. This is SO true!
I absolutely love the film and TV references, the cultural diversity (which raises questions of its own) and the wry humor in the midst of all the uncertainty. And of course, being a New Yorker myself, I love when this awesome city plays its own role.
Now we will need to check in on the sequel and see how Amber is coping with motherhood in New York City…That’s a whole other story.

I also am loving the ebook series, The W Series, this writer has written about an unconventional FEMALE urban superhero working on keeping the streets of New York City safe.

Meet Annalisa Conti



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