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As within, so without

cluttered desk

It all starts on the inside!

Do you ever look around at your mess and feel “I can’t work this way!!!”

Then you set aside time to tidy everything up and you feel good all over. But in a little while…you look around and Oh no!!! it’s a mess again. Sound familiar? This is common practice for me.

You know why it doesn’t work? Because it’s trying to work from the outside in.

This never produces a lasting solution!

It has to be the other way round. You must work from the inside out.

Messy desk? See what’s going on inside yourself. Once you find peace and order within yourself…it will begin to manifest on the outside.

As within, so without!


This rule applies to everything – clutter, weight loss…and making money!

That is why I love this program…because it works on your inside and your mindset as well as the outside. Can’t fail with this one! It’s a winner!


Network Marketing Anonymous – Living one day at a time


Well known fact that the various ‘anonymous’ movements have helped countless people overcome their addictions. Today, I am just borrowing a point that is very pertinent to living as an entrepreneur.

Alcoholics Anonymous is a “one day at a time” way of living. We try to break life into small pieces we can handle. We stay sober one day at a time, or when necessary, one hour at a time. We do our jobs one task at a time,. We solve our problems one problem at a time….

That quote came from an Alcoholics Anonymous Milwaukee Area website.

When building your business, you want to have the clear vision and intention of where you are trying to go, what you are trying to achieve. In other words, starting with the end in mind. But that end, may look pretty BIG and far away and darned near impossible when you are looking at it from where you are right now. This can cause crippling fear and procrastination leading to…another failed attempt. But you know you are ‘addicted’ to entrepreneurship, so as soon as you get over your failure, you go and give it another try. Good time to apply that quote. Let’s break it down;

…”Network Marketing” Anonymous is a “one day at a time” way of living… – This represents the life you envision working your business. Time and Financial Freedom. Being your own Boss, working at your leisure, doing what you love, helping others, treating yourself and your family without having to count the pennies to do it, etc. etc. It’s a great life. That’s why you started this business and that’s where you are heading. That’s the goal.

…We try to break life into small pieces we can handle… – Ok, so you have a clear vision of what life will be like. But it does not happen immediately and it doesn’t happen over night. It takes work and perseverance. When we market our business opportunities, we often times show off how much money can be made and how easily. But let’s tell the truth – at the very beginning…it’s NOT that quick and easy. You do have to make it through the learning curve, and some curves are longer or shorter, higher or lower than others. And this is the time when you look at your goal and think… ‘I can’t do this!’ But you can!

Break your goal into small pieces you can handle. Take the big goal and make little goals. Break the 12 month goal into monthly goals, into weekly goals, into daily goals. What do you need to to TODAY…just today? Get that done. Then tomorrow, do what you need to do for tomorrow. And then the next day and then the next. In three months you would have created a life style. A way of living.

…We stay sober one day at a time, or when necessary, one hour at a time… – We can actually use this quote just as it is, except, we’ll use the word sober to mean “not going crazy” So yeah,…we stay “not going crazy” one day at a time or when necessary, one hour at a time. This is REAL!!! Just focus on the task at hand right now! What are you working on in this one hour? Just do it! Don’t drive yourself crazy thinking about all the other things you need to do, and the fact that there are only 24 hours in a day. Just focus on the here and now. Are you writing and syndicating a blog post in this hour? Then do just that. and just do that.

…We do our jobs one task at a time… – Exactly!!! Well said!!! There is a lot of work to be done – prospecting, presentations, follow up, coaching, phone calls, meetings, emails, not to mention life outside of business – day jobs, dinner, homework, diapers, bottles etc etc etc. But what can we do??? How can we do it all??? One task at a time! And maybe we won’t get EVERYTHING done today. It probably wasn’t going to be possible to do so to begin with, so don’t worry about that…just do your job – One task at a time.

…We solve our problems one problem at a time… – “how the heck does this SEO thing work”, “what is a Keyword anyway?”, “how do I get clients?”, “What do I write?”, “How do I overcome my fear of talking to people”, “How do I process my taxes?”, “My Facebook account was shut down”, “YouTube took down my videos” etc. etc. etc. and another million and one problems we encounter as entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship may offer you your dream life, but you still live in the real world.  Yes, there will be problems! But guess what? You don’t have to solve them all at once. Take one problem and solve that.  Maybe the most urgent one. Then move on to the next. Many times, solving one problem actually helps solve the next. And sometimes, problems just fall away of themselves. Either way, don’t try to carry the world on your shoulders…it’s way too heavy. Be honest with yourself, pick one thing and work it out. You will never be given more that you can bear, so have some faith, be patient with yourself, don’t give in to anger or negative thoughts,  just shrug your shoulders, roll up your sleeves and tackle the problems – ONE at a time.


Here’s to building and enjoying a whole new life style, living one day at a time 🙂



Winners don’t QUIT!!

Just did the awesomest training on SEO and creating blog traffic from Rob Fore in the $15K formula within the Empower Network training area.

He gives great advice on using the Google Keyword Tool (which has since been replaced by the Google Keyword Planner), writing articles and creating You Tube videos to create traffic. The training was clear and concise, which is just what a rookie like me would need. I have to tell you, when I am faced with all the things you need to know for marketing on the internet, I can become quite overwhelmed. But that is why the Empower Network products are so great. Everything is covered, and Everything makes sense. There is no wonder that following the provided training has produced many a financially independent blogger/marketer already.

What really touched me about Rob’s story was this:

Rob had started an internet marketing business before, and looking at what he had to learn, he felt like me – overwhelmed. Within three weeks, he had given up. It was too confusing and too much. But then he came across the Empower Network and decided that he was willing to give internet marketing another go. He would do everything he was told to do, follow every instruction and do so for 90 days. After that time, he would evaluate his results and decide if it was worth going on or not.

Well, needless to say, Rob is now one of the top earners in E.N. I guess it’s safe to say that he saw some positive results after 90 days?!

So here’s the lesson in the story. And this goes for any business you may be trying your had at.

90 days!!!

That’s it!

Put aside your ego, your know it all, your second guessing and your doubts…for 90 days!!!

Follow the instructions and training that your company provides and stay committed to it…for 90 days!…and see what happens

Now please know that I am not saying it is going to be easy. Those first 3 months are usually grueling and hard. It will take raw discipline to stick with it. But do it anyway! Just do it!

Then after 90 days, look up and see where you are and what you have achieved. Chances are, you’ve made some money, you’ve gained a lot of knowledge and experience, you have met amazing teachers, mentors and partners AND you have become a whole new YOU! More confident in yourself and your abilities.

The key is NOT TO QUIT!!!

I can speak for myself…I have started and quit more often than I care to admit. the only thing positive I can say is that I was always honest about my failures…admitting that it was not the fault of the company or the product, but MY fault…because I did not give it my all, I did not have the right mindset and I did not stick out the first 90 days or hard core massive action. Too many people are on the internet complaining about how this or that business is a scam. I have even seen such posts about the Empower Network. (Thank God I didn’t listen) But the truth of the matter is, that they probably just did not get out of their own way long enough to actually have the system work for them.

Remember this saying?


Well, that is still and will always remain true…Quitters do NOT win…there is no way you can twist it to make it otherwise. If you quit…you lose. It is what it is!

So DON’T quit! And in time…you WILL WIN! Maybe in 90 days!

Are you feeling disillusioned about your company?

Overwhelmed maybe? Whatever the case, don’t walk away from that company yet. Maybe you could use some help to market yourself and your product.

I know a company that can help you with that. Yes, you guessed it – Empower Network 🙂 Blatant Plug, I know, but true!

Click here to learn more!

DON’T QUIT!….LET’S WIN!…write me and tell me your story…I would love to post your success story on my blog.

Smiles, Love and Peace 🙂

NOW is all the time we have


I am in a somber mood today.

Just learned about the loss of a good friend who passed on over the weekend at the tender age of 47, leaving behind a wife with 3 young kids. The consolation is that he always lived as he wanted to. He was a brilliant and dedicated doctor, was devoted to his wife and kids, loved life and was always ready for a good time with laughter and joy.

I heard the news just when I was fussing about something that was troubling me. But news like this puts everything in perspective, doesn’t it? Suddenly, all my fussing was no longer of any importance.

So, I say to myself…I am just two years younger than this guy was…what if I had only two years left? How would I spend it? as a dedicated slave to the corporate structure? Or living a life of passion and joy with the love of family and friends.

The answer is easy of course and I hardly think you would answer it any differently. So if 2 years is all that’s left…..there is literally NO time…NOW is all there is. And even if we did have another 100 years…NOW is truly all there is.

What can you do today

So, look no further, think no more. TODAY is the day that you can take that first step towards fulfilling that dream. TODAY is the day that you can start to live the life you want. Take that leap, go ahead…jump. Your wings of Faith will spread out and bear you up, I promise. But don’t wait another minute…there is no next minute…there is no tomorrow….today is the day, now is the time…NOW is all we have. Don’t waste it!

now is the time

If you are looking for…

– a way out of the rat race.

– A life of time and financial freedom.

– Being your own boss.

– Helping others

Sending you Divine Love,


3 tips to overcoming your fear of rejection in Network Marketing

So you have started a new business and you are thrilled about stepping out on your own and achieving something great. You’ve got an awesome team, a great mentor, and wonderful products. So why is it so hard to talk to anybody about it??? Why is it hard to network?? Hard to mingle to get clients??

It’s not very different from being an actor and going on auditions. Or networking with industry people at festivals and events, hoping that it might land you a gig on a TV commercial at least.

It’s not even that different that dating. He loves me, he loves me not. Should I ask? Should I say? Should I do???

That paralyzing effect is the fear of rejection!!! And boy do you HAVE to get over it!! No matter what field you are in, no matter what area of your life. At some point, you WILL have to face the monster. You will have to slay the dragon called Fear of Rejection. He does absolutely NOTHING good for you. He is of NO help to you at all.

So here are three very basic tips I use when I realize that I am facing the dragon. Maybe they could be useful to you;

1) Have a clear vision

This is the most important thing about overcoming your fear. If you have a rock solid vision, nothing will be able to sway you. So this the beginning; Know what you want! Know what you are trying to achieve! With a very clear goal and desire in front of you, chances are, you will not get too easily swayed by worrying about what someone might think about you. All you can see before you is the vision.

2) Expect the best

Many times when we are about to have that conversation with someone, we are already thinking of what the person might say, or how the person may react. Usually, we are expecting rejection…so guess what you’re gonna get??? Exactly that…rejection. Don’t come into the conversation planning it. Of course there is usually some kind of script to follow, but other than that…don’t plan the conversation, and don’t prepare yourself for the worst reactions. Instead, be positive. Hold the vision of your success in your mind and speak from that place.

3) Detach yourself from the outcome

And then, we go in saying to ourselves…THIS is what is going to come out of this conversation. We know this prospect very well, we know what they need and we are going to darn tooting provide what they need. They are absolutely going to love what we have to offer and they are going to be our best customer and business builder…and then….they don’t! they are not! Oh, the disappointment! Oh, the pain of rejection!!

But do you know why you are disappointed? because you were too attached to the outcome. Again…hold the vision in your mind. This will make you speak with confidence. You love your products? good? tell the truth about how you feel about them. Your confidence and your truth are authentic. And they are that way whether your prospect buys into your business or not. So don’t attach to the outcome. Be attached to your truth. Be authentic. The sting of rejection will be almost non-existent. 🙂 After all, if there is rejection from one, there is bound to be acceptance from another.

– – –

In a later post, I will go into more details and more tips, but for starters, these three tips can go a long way, especially with a clear vision and goal. You have posture and confidence…you are not begging. This in itself, may mean that you may not even have to face rejection. But even if you do….nothing to it…piece of cake 🙂 The dragon is down!!!! Victory is assured!!! dragonslayer



2014 – The Year of the Horse

The Chinese Year of the Horse begins on January 30th. earth-horse

My son informed me that he had learned this in school. We promptly looked it up on the internet to get some more information about what this would mean.

The Horse year is a time of fast victories, unexpected adventure, and surprising romance. It is an excellent year for travel, and the more far away and off the beaten path the better. Energy is high and production is rewarded. Decisive action, not procrastination, brings victory. But you have to act fast in a Horse year. Read more…

Look at that! An excellent year for travel…Great, cos I love to travel and we are already planning a family trip in the Summer. Fast victories? Wonderful…we all want those. Unexpected Adventure…What fun! Surprising Romance?…A chance to re-fall in love with my loved one 🙂

But I am truly loving the last parts of that quote –

Production is rewarded – That’s it!!! Keep doing the work. You WILL be rewarded…works every time! The only way you will lose out on the reward, is if you quit. Remember the saying; Winners don’t quit, and Quitters don’t win.

Decisive action, not procrastination, brings victory – I LOVE this!!!! Even though I knew that it was an unhealthy relationship, Procrastination was a long time friend of mine. But I am happy that I can say WAS in that sentence. Experience taught me time and again that procrastination ALWAYS…not sometimes, but ALWAYS made me lose out. I began to make active changes last year, but 2014 brings decisive action to the forefront for me. I threw away fear and everything that comes with it, including Mr. Procrastination himself, and I am taking leap after leap of Faith…Decisive and massive action….and looking forward to the VICTORY!!!

So don’t sit back and wait for something exciting to happen…BE that exciting thing yourself 🙂 Get in the Saddle! Let’s go!

Love and Blessings.

Mom-spective: Being a mom is enough!

I’m talking about simply being a mom.

I’m talking about getting up in the morning, slapping your face with water, looking in the mirror, sighing, brushing your teeth (maybe), and picking up that toddler and wandering into the kitchen and pouring cereal in bowls, rinsing dishes, kissing the top of their head, and waiting for your coffee to brew.

There isn’t much glamour.

There is you. You giving of yourself. Minute, by minute, by minute, by minute until those hours add up to create a day which adds up to create a week which adds up to create a month which adds up to create years which add up to create a life. A beautiful life filled with ordinary enough mom moments. Read more…

I totally love this blog post a friend sent me today. It touches the true heart of me.

As I have mentioned before, becoming a mom turned me into a “serial entrepreneur”.  Always on the search for the perfect opportunity that would let me stay home with my kids, be a present mom AND earn an income.

I never planned to have children, but I knew that if I DID have children, I would give my all to be their mom.

As it turned out, the man in my life brought joy to the idea of having kids so here I am, a mom.

And I love being a mom. It’s a hassle. It’s endless sacrifice. It’s tiring and thankless. But oh, it’s delightful, rewarding and the kind of blessing you can not find in any other way. And it is a blessing that no other being but you…the divine feminine can experience. It is DIVINE!…and why on earth did those brats leave their dirty shoes in the hallway again???!!! GRRRRR!!!

Yes, well…I never said I was perfect.

Long and short of it, THIS is the way to be a stay home mom AND earn not just an income, but a good income.

Take a closer look. Click here, put in your email address and watch the video.

You’ll be glad you did.

Love you!

So DO kids mess with your marriage??

Does having kids make a marriage happy or hopeless? One study claims to have the answer and the results aren’t exactly encouraging for parents.

According to the study of more than 5,000 people to be published later this week by Open University in the U.K.,childless couples ranked the quality of their relationships higher, felt more valued by their partners, and (shocker) spent more time maintaining their relationships, going on dates, and having intimate conversations — undoubtedly easier to do when you’re not racing through dinner to relieve the sitter or halting that crazy-deep conversation when the baby starts crying. Read More…

This Article published in Yahoo Shine today quotes a study showing that kids make marriage miserable. Well, we have two kids. Bouncing baby boys..they were! Now they are bouncing BIG boys…still bouncing LOL 🙂

There is no doubt that kids can keep you very busy. But that’s where the commitment you made with your partner comes in. You HAVE to WORK at keeping your relationship alive and fresh. It does not happen on its own, and it does not happen easily. You HAVE to do the WORK.

So, I think the study may be flawed. Because they would need to take into account the existing relationships between the parents prior to having kids. If they know what they are getting into and are willing to make the sacrifices parenting involves, I think they might find that though it’s hard, it need not be “miserable”.

Most couples go into parenting thinking it’s all about having cute babies. ILLUSION!!!!

So I say, do the study again with couples who went into parenting with a more mature outlook and let’s see what comes out.

Might open the door to some other valid discussions…

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The Simple Life



More like…….

country family jaquel-bedroom

When I was a wee youngster, I used to be enamored by what I called “the simple life”. I used to watch shows like “Little House on the Prairie” and be moved by the fact that all you really needed was Love. A log cabin, a hand pump for water outside, a few chickens and a couple of horses would complete the picture. 🙂

I actually can vividly remember a dream I had a few times of myself and my family living in such a cozy little home, in which I had to climb a ladder to get into my loft hay mattress bed.(we had to be vary careful with the candles we used to light the home) I carried the belief in a simple life always with me. Looking with disdain upon people who glorified riches and material possessions. I loved and believed only in the goodness of the heart and the pure joy and love of the Arts, which was totally a pathway to God.

Older and wiser now, I see how my romance with poverty attracted it and made it a reality in my life. Well, I am not living in the romantic way I envisioned it, and I am not nearly one of the statistics that would be counted in the poverty bracket, but the fact is…as far back as I can remember, even though I came from a regular middle class home, I just never had any money. As soon as I got it, it was gone with nothing to show for it.

I moved out on my own to New York City in the late 90’s and can still not explain why, living on my own…no family, no responsibilities, no kids….only my dreams…why on earth was I always broke???

Other single friends, would plan vacations and trips and I would always back out for financial reasons. Sometimes, when we went out to dinner, my friends would pay for me, because “I had no money”…even though we all worked at the same company and followed the same artistic dreams. How does that make any kind of sense????

I attracted it to myself.

My self image was one of not having money. This is what I had wanted, right? –  “the simple life”

Well, how many of you know that the “simple life” I envisioned is much more easily lived WITH money…than without it.

See, I still am not a materialistic person. I still believe in Love and the goodness of the human heart, and the joy of creation in the Arts…all that good stuff. As well as, organic living, green energy, saving the planet and all that as well. But now I have come to realize that I can’t have that ranch on the hill, with my animals and my own vegetables and a house that is solar powered without paying for it!!! LOL 🙂

I realized that it’s not the money I was supposed to be hating. It was the principle of materialism and consumerism. I could be perfectly rich, with lots of money in the bank and STILL not buy into those concepts. I wanted a “simple” life…not a “poor” one. Phew! What a relief! I did not have to feel guilty about the fact that I was feeling bad about not having money anymore! There is nothing wrong with wanting some more cash flow…as long as it is just that…FLOW! not stagnant! (hoarding money is not being rich…but that’s another blog entry for another day)

So I started working with the Law of Attraction to attract more money to myself. But it didn’t happen much. Little things here and there, but nothing life changing. And then it clicked…I was still holding on to the romantic image of having no money. This was still the image I identified myself with. This had to change.

So that’s the new mindset. I do deserve money in my life. I love money (not hate it). Money enables me to do what I love to do and to live how I love to live – Simply!

Here’s a cute book I found that you might like to try on for size: