I am the Starlight!!!

There is a thing on Facebook these days called “Throw-back Thursdays”. Every Thursday people post pictures from ‘way back’. Of course for some it’s further back than for others :-).

Today is not Thursday, but I am going to do a Throw back to 1990 (I think it was) when as a young college student, I saw Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “The Starlight Express” on the West End in London with my family.

I am not sure how big this show was in the U.S., but it was huge in Europe and it played in London for 18 years. My family in Germany were smitten with Rusty, the main character and that Summer, it was all we talked and sang about at home.


The plot revolves around a group of toy railway trains, portrayed by actors on roller-skates, who come to life inside the mind of a small boy. The characters race to become the ‘fastest engine in the world’, and in the end, the underdog, Rusty, a little steam engine, triumphs, winning the race and the heart of a beautiful observation car, Pearl.


Apart from the amazing set and light production of the show, as well as the speeding skaters on, over, under and around the stage and audience, I was totally moved by Rusty’s story as he cried out to the Starlight Express – The train God, for confidence as he was bullied and laughed at by the other engines.

rusty i am the starlight

Having lost in the earlier heat races, Rusty sits alone, feeling extremely discouraged, when The Starlight Express appears to him and reveals to him the Truth that we all should take to heart. The Truth that we are of God, He abides in us and we have all that we need to achieve ANYTHING we want, by drawing on that which is inside us. Our innate God-power!


This song is my favorite part of the show. Listen to the words and let them speak to you. (Unfortunately, I could not find a recorded stage performance of this song)

Remember it is said “Be Still and know that I am God”?

That’s what happened…Rusty was alone…he was still. And God appeared to him… and in that moment Rusty knew God. And in that moment Rusty was changed. And in that moment Rusty became a winner.

rusty i am the starlight2

Now I am not trying to preach here, but let’s apply this to ourselves. Don’t we feel discouraged and disgruntled? Our lives are not turning out the way we had dreamed and hoped? Didn’t get the raise at work? Didn’t get the sale, the client, the lover, the money, etc etc etc.

But that is not the time to throw in the towel and give up!

That is the time to “be still…and KNOW that I AM GOD!”

Give thanks and go forward! Your win is in your sights.

Starlight Finale2



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2 thoughts on “I am the Starlight!!!

    1. Susan Post author

      Hi Ford Mustang (I like that car) Thanks so much for stopping by and reading. And thanks for the compliment. I have been away for a while but I’m baaaack so I hope I will have more stuff for you to enjoy soon 🙂
      Cheers, Susan


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