It takes water

When Bethany Barnes gets engaged to Cal Lambeau in the shadow of the Egyptian pyramids, she thinks that her life will be a dream come true. Cal is charming, romantic, and ready to sweep her off her feet.

Twenty years later, Bethany isn’t so sure. The spark has long gone out in her marriage, and she devotes all her time to her beloved son, Winston. She was once an artist, but the trials of married life and motherhood have smothered her creative spirit. Then, Cal reveals he’s had an affair, and Winston rebels against Bethany’s plans for him. Suddenly, Bethany is all alone and forced to start over.

Luckily, Bethany soon finds some help. When she moves to the small town of Dunham, she meets Sophie, a pastor’s daughter with some wisdom to share. Bethany and Sophie quickly connect, but Bethany discovers that her new friend is hiding more than one secret.

As Bethany grows closer to Sophie and begins rediscovering her creative side, she must confront the regrets of her past and her fears about the future. With the support of her new friend, she may just be ready to find a new dream for her life.