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Farewell, Gabriel Garcia Marquez

 Thousands Line Up To Bid Goodbye To Garcia Marquez

April 21, 201410:43 PM ET

People wait outside the Fine Arts Palace in Mexico City on Monday to pay tribute to Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

People wait outside the Fine Arts Palace in Mexico City on Monday to pay tribute to Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Alfredo Estrella/AFP/Getty Images

With two heads of state and thousands of tearful admirers, Mexico bid farewell on Monday to Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the Colombian Nobel laureate considered one of the greatest Spanish-language authors of all time.

The ashes of the author, who died Thursday at age 87, were received at Mexico City’s majestic Palace of Fine Arts to several minutes of thunderous applause after being placed on a black pedestal by his widow, Mercedes Barcha, and his two sons, Gonzalo and Rodrigo.

He was eulogized in a brief ceremony in the dramatic art deco lobby by the presidents of both Mexico and Colombia, two countries linked by the writer through his birth, life, heritage and career.

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Kudos to American Apparel

Beauty at any age

I love this article about Jackie O’Shaughnessy, American Apparel’s lingerie model.

First things, I love American Apparel clothes, and that they are committed to domestic manufacturing. So this new look in lingerie modeling is a plus for me.

Jackie is a beautiful woman and she is 62!! Yes, you read it right, 62!!

I think that is AWESOME!!!!

Hollywood and the Media always show us young and “kept-young” women as our standards, but in the real world there is aging and grey hair, there are body changes after children and there are scars and stretch marks. And there is BEAUTY!!!

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So I say Kudos to American Apparel! And thank you to Jackie! And to all other women out there, who feel that they may not look as good as they once did, or who feel ‘less than’ just because they are over 50, to you I say…You ARE beautiful!!! Every single part of you! You may not be on a big screen or in a Magazine, but people do see you every day and though you may not think it of yourself, they know and say that you ARE beautiful!

So do something nice for yourself today. Look in the mirror with the same awe that you look at the ladies on TV. You are just as good and maybe even better. Say to the lady in the mirror…hey, you know what? you really ARE beautiful!

And SMILE!!!

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American Apparel is known for its edgy advertising.


Now, the brand has featured a 62-year-old modeling lingerie.

“Sexy has no expiration date,” the company writes in a Facebook post introducing the model, Jackie O’Shaughnessy.

O’Shaughnessy’s has appeared in the company’s ads before, though never in lingerie, reports Alyssa Vingan at Fashionista.

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Mother of the Year

Mothers’ day is still a month away, but I stumbled across this cute little video and had to share.

I love that is shows just how special mothers are and mothering is. Oh, the wonders of womanhood and its very nature. We can not help but to care. We can not help but to love. Love is the nature of creation. Love is all there is. We have ‘learned’ to ‘think’ as humans, but when we let go of all that ego has brought us..and we strip down to our essence….there is only Love!

These animals did not go to Law school or get a fancy Medical degree or a pricey MBA. These animals are not “intellectual”…but these animals are Nature! Pure and Simple. And they display what we have ‘un-learned’…Love!


In Support of Daniel Murphy

It is absolutely crazy to me that there is all this uproar about the fact that Daniel Murphy missed two games to be there for the birth and first days of his son.

I know everyone will say that I am only saying this because I am a woman, but I think you will find many men who feel the same way.

Maybe the game is more important to some people, but the reality is that when Daniel Murphy is retired, old and grey, it will not be the Mets standing at his bedside, it will be that son that he brought into the world with his wife.

For anyone who has had the experience of having kids, you know how truly amazing it is and how wonderful it feels to bond with this tiny being in the first few days. It is a one time only shot. It never comes back, it never happens again. These are treasured moments that you need to enjoy.

So I say, sorry fans but family IS more important. Kudos to Daniel for taking the time and for standing by his decision in the face of all this unnecessary, unwarranted mean-ness. Congratulations Man!

Daniel Murphy leaves Mets for wife and newborn, Mike Francesa rips paternity leave idea, calls it ‘scam’ and ‘gimmick’

Murphy, who is allowed 1-3 days off for paternity leave that was put into the CBA in 2011, is expected to be back in the lineup for Thursday’s afternoon game against the Nationals. That isn’t soon enough for Francesa, who says all dads should follow his example.

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