In Support of Daniel Murphy

It is absolutely crazy to me that there is all this uproar about the fact that Daniel Murphy missed two games to be there for the birth and first days of his son.

I know everyone will say that I am only saying this because I am a woman, but I think you will find many men who feel the same way.

Maybe the game is more important to some people, but the reality is that when Daniel Murphy is retired, old and grey, it will not be the Mets standing at his bedside, it will be that son that he brought into the world with his wife.

For anyone who has had the experience of having kids, you know how truly amazing it is and how wonderful it feels to bond with this tiny being in the first few days. It is a one time only shot. It never comes back, it never happens again. These are treasured moments that you need to enjoy.

So I say, sorry fans but family IS more important. Kudos to Daniel for taking the time and for standing by his decision in the face of all this unnecessary, unwarranted mean-ness. Congratulations Man!

Daniel Murphy leaves Mets for wife and newborn, Mike Francesa rips paternity leave idea, calls it ‘scam’ and ‘gimmick’

Murphy, who is allowed 1-3 days off for paternity leave that was put into the CBA in 2011, is expected to be back in the lineup for Thursday’s afternoon game against the Nationals. That isn’t soon enough for Francesa, who says all dads should follow his example.

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