Susan Aug 2014

The irony is that Literature was not my strong suit in high school.

I was a science student destined to become a medical doctor.

I ended up becoming a dentist who ended up moving to New York from Lagos, Nigeria to follow a secret dream of becoming an actor.

As life took its twists and turns, my creative outlet became writing.

I have always loved stories. Reading them, watching them, hearing them. I have kept journals since I was a young girl, have written articles and short stories with friends for fun, have been called upon for speeches and tributes, and have been a member of various writing clubs. But somehow, at a certain point, my desire to write became a craving. Characters reared their heads and began to tell me their stories. Life and the world around me began to impact me as stories that needed to be told.

Suddenly, the meaning of my Yoruba surname connected with my destiny and manifested as my reality – Olupitan, meaning ‘God Tells a Story’…

And I am a writer.