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Everything is awesome!!! Lego Movie-My Review

The new Lego Movie is well worth watching. Especially if you have little ones dragging you to the theatre. It’s not like you have a choice…but to go see it. 🙂

The opening scenes are a hilarious portrayal of our over-consumerism and systematic dumbing down of society right down to the overpriced cups of coffee and the Hollywood remakes that “never get old”, not to mention the destruction of things that are perfectly sound, just to make way for something bigger, ‘better’, more elaborate, more expensive.

There is the classic good vs evil theme of course, but the movie has a very sweet message for the children in the audience, encouraging them to embrace their uniqueness and what ever makes them special. It speaks to the goodness in everyone, and the fact that being “evil” is a choice. We all can choose to do good and to love instead.

And the animation; little Lego soap suds, water drops and flames make for a brilliant visuals.

My children enjoyed it immensely and have been creating an even more elaborate Lego world at home, than we already had. Sigh…this means stepping on more little pieces when you are trying to make it to the bathroom in the middle of the night..Ouch!

But I love that it fosters the creativity in children. Much better than playing video games all day.

So, on a scale of NO, no, okay, yes, YES….My verdict for the Lego Movie is a YES!