Consistency is the key



Building your own home based business requires this.

It is non-negotiable.

Here are a few personal favorites of mine: “I called a few leads, but they are never interested”; “Yes, I did schedule follow ups, but no one showed”; “I wrote some blog entries, but it’s not like anyone really reads them”; “Yeah, I have a FaceBook page, but I don’t go on there too often”; “Nah..I don’t really like calling on the phone too much”…

I call these personal favorites, because I have used these myself.

Here’t the interesting thing…you have all these reasons why you don’t do what you should and then you find yourself moaning; “But why isn’t my business growing?”


Look…I understand…much of what you have to do as an entrepreneur is way outside your comfort zone. No, it is not fun calling leads, or scheduling meetings and being stood up. It takes a real commitment to write a blog post everyday and not have anyone comment or even read it. It’s a pain exposing yourself on FB only to be ignored by your so called friends. No…it is not easy.

But guess what? These actions, WILL bring success…but only IF……you do them CONSISTENTLY!


No matter how many responses you got, no matter how you feel, no matter what. Just keep on doing it.

Soon enough, those calls will bring is sales, those blogs will start conversations, and your FB status may go viral.

But it doesn’t happen over night after just your first few calls/posts.

There is a very simple plan of success in the Empower Network and that is to Blog every day, Tell others about it, Repeat!

Did you read that right? It says to so it “EVERY DAY”…not SOME days. Not when it’s convenient. but EVERY DAY! Even if you are not seeing sales yet, so much is happening as you do this: You are developing your style and your message, You are developing a might not even be aware of it, and most of all, You are changing as a person. All these will lead to that one day when ZAP! quite suddenly you are making sales like crazy. It WILL happen. But you have to do your part –

Be Consistent!!!



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