Mom-spective: Being a mom is enough!

I’m talking about simply being a mom.

I’m talking about getting up in the morning, slapping your face with water, looking in the mirror, sighing, brushing your teeth (maybe), and picking up that toddler and wandering into the kitchen and pouring cereal in bowls, rinsing dishes, kissing the top of their head, and waiting for your coffee to brew.

There isn’t much glamour.

There is you. You giving of yourself. Minute, by minute, by minute, by minute until those hours add up to create a day which adds up to create a week which adds up to create a month which adds up to create years which add up to create a life. A beautiful life filled with ordinary enough mom moments. Read more…

I totally love this blog post a friend sent me today. It touches the true heart of me.

As I have mentioned before, becoming a mom turned me into a “serial entrepreneur”.  Always on the search for the perfect opportunity that would let me stay home with my kids, be a present mom AND earn an income.

I never planned to have children, but I knew that if I DID have children, I would give my all to be their mom.

As it turned out, the man in my life brought joy to the idea of having kids so here I am, a mom.

And I love being a mom. It’s a hassle. It’s endless sacrifice. It’s tiring and thankless. But oh, it’s delightful, rewarding and the kind of blessing you can not find in any other way. And it is a blessing that no other being but you…the divine feminine can experience. It is DIVINE!…and why on earth did those brats leave their dirty shoes in the hallway again???!!! GRRRRR!!!

Yes, well…I never said I was perfect.

Long and short of it, THIS is the way to be a stay home mom AND earn not just an income, but a good income.

Take a closer look. Click here, put in your email address and watch the video.

You’ll be glad you did.

Love you!

2 thoughts on “Mom-spective: Being a mom is enough!

  1. Seema Khan

    This is a great blog . I would love to work out how to be a stay at home mom and still have financial independence . After all it is difficult to become accountable when you are used tak spending your income as you please .


    1. Susan Post author

      Hi Seema, thanks for stopping by 🙂
      It really is possible to be a financially independent stay home mom. I have not achieved that goal yet, still working towards it, but I do know of women who have. You are already a prolific blogger – Well done! Why not make your blog earn an income for you? Click on the “Free Video” side banner on my blog, enter your email address and watch the video to see if this is something you would like to do. I look forward to hearing your comments. Keep Blogging! and Stay Blessed 🙂


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