NOW is all the time we have


I am in a somber mood today.

Just learned about the loss of a good friend who passed on over the weekend at the tender age of 47, leaving behind a wife with 3 young kids. The consolation is that he always lived as he wanted to. He was a brilliant and dedicated doctor, was devoted to his wife and kids, loved life and was always ready for a good time with laughter and joy.

I heard the news just when I was fussing about something that was troubling me. But news like this puts everything in perspective, doesn’t it? Suddenly, all my fussing was no longer of any importance.

So, I say to myself…I am just two years younger than this guy was…what if I had only two years left? How would I spend it? as a dedicated slave to the corporate structure? Or living a life of passion and joy with the love of family and friends.

The answer is easy of course and I hardly think you would answer it any differently. So if 2 years is all that’s left…..there is literally NO time…NOW is all there is. And even if we did have another 100 years…NOW is truly all there is.

What can you do today

So, look no further, think no more. TODAY is the day that you can take that first step towards fulfilling that dream. TODAY is the day that you can start to live the life you want. Take that leap, go ahead…jump. Your wings of Faith will spread out and bear you up, I promise. But don’t wait another minute…there is no next minute…there is no tomorrow….today is the day, now is the time…NOW is all we have. Don’t waste it!

now is the time

If you are looking for…

– a way out of the rat race.

– A life of time and financial freedom.

– Being your own boss.

– Helping others

Sending you Divine Love,


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