Winners don’t QUIT!!

Just did the awesomest training on SEO and creating blog traffic from Rob Fore in the $15K formula within the Empower Network training area.

He gives great advice on using the Google Keyword Tool (which has since been replaced by the Google Keyword Planner), writing articles and creating You Tube videos to create traffic. The training was clear and concise, which is just what a rookie like me would need. I have to tell you, when I am faced with all the things you need to know for marketing on the internet, I can become quite overwhelmed. But that is why the Empower Network products are so great. Everything is covered, and Everything makes sense. There is no wonder that following the provided training has produced many a financially independent blogger/marketer already.

What really touched me about Rob’s story was this:

Rob had started an internet marketing business before, and looking at what he had to learn, he felt like me – overwhelmed. Within three weeks, he had given up. It was too confusing and too much. But then he came across the Empower Network and decided that he was willing to give internet marketing another go. He would do everything he was told to do, follow every instruction and do so for 90 days. After that time, he would evaluate his results and decide if it was worth going on or not.

Well, needless to say, Rob is now one of the top earners in E.N. I guess it’s safe to say that he saw some positive results after 90 days?!

So here’s the lesson in the story. And this goes for any business you may be trying your had at.

90 days!!!

That’s it!

Put aside your ego, your know it all, your second guessing and your doubts…for 90 days!!!

Follow the instructions and training that your company provides and stay committed to it…for 90 days!…and see what happens

Now please know that I am not saying it is going to be easy. Those first 3 months are usually grueling and hard. It will take raw discipline to stick with it. But do it anyway! Just do it!

Then after 90 days, look up and see where you are and what you have achieved. Chances are, you’ve made some money, you’ve gained a lot of knowledge and experience, you have met amazing teachers, mentors and partners AND you have become a whole new YOU! More confident in yourself and your abilities.

The key is NOT TO QUIT!!!

I can speak for myself…I have started and quit more often than I care to admit. the only thing positive I can say is that I was always honest about my failures…admitting that it was not the fault of the company or the product, but MY fault…because I did not give it my all, I did not have the right mindset and I did not stick out the first 90 days or hard core massive action. Too many people are on the internet complaining about how this or that business is a scam. I have even seen such posts about the Empower Network. (Thank God I didn’t listen) But the truth of the matter is, that they probably just did not get out of their own way long enough to actually have the system work for them.

Remember this saying?


Well, that is still and will always remain true…Quitters do NOT win…there is no way you can twist it to make it otherwise. If you quit…you lose. It is what it is!

So DON’T quit! And in time…you WILL WIN! Maybe in 90 days!

Are you feeling disillusioned about your company?

Overwhelmed maybe? Whatever the case, don’t walk away from that company yet. Maybe you could use some help to market yourself and your product.

I know a company that can help you with that. Yes, you guessed it – Empower Network 🙂 Blatant Plug, I know, but true!

Click here to learn more!

DON’T QUIT!….LET’S WIN!…write me and tell me your story…I would love to post your success story on my blog.

Smiles, Love and Peace 🙂

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