3 tips to overcoming your fear of rejection in Network Marketing

So you have started a new business and you are thrilled about stepping out on your own and achieving something great. You’ve got an awesome team, a great mentor, and wonderful products. So why is it so hard to talk to anybody about it??? Why is it hard to network?? Hard to mingle to get clients??

It’s not very different from being an actor and going on auditions. Or networking with industry people at festivals and events, hoping that it might land you a gig on a TV commercial at least.

It’s not even that different that dating. He loves me, he loves me not. Should I ask? Should I say? Should I do???

That paralyzing effect is the fear of rejection!!! And boy do you HAVE to get over it!! No matter what field you are in, no matter what area of your life. At some point, you WILL have to face the monster. You will have to slay the dragon called Fear of Rejection. He does absolutely NOTHING good for you. He is of NO help to you at all.

So here are three very basic tips I use when I realize that I am facing the dragon. Maybe they could be useful to you;

1) Have a clear vision

This is the most important thing about overcoming your fear. If you have a rock solid vision, nothing will be able to sway you. So this the beginning; Know what you want! Know what you are trying to achieve! With a very clear goal and desire in front of you, chances are, you will not get too easily swayed by worrying about what someone might think about you. All you can see before you is the vision.

2) Expect the best

Many times when we are about to have that conversation with someone, we are already thinking of what the person might say, or how the person may react. Usually, we are expecting rejection…so guess what you’re gonna get??? Exactly that…rejection. Don’t come into the conversation planning it. Of course there is usually some kind of script to follow, but other than that…don’t plan the conversation, and don’t prepare yourself for the worst reactions. Instead, be positive. Hold the vision of your success in your mind and speak from that place.

3) Detach yourself from the outcome

And then, we go in saying to ourselves…THIS is what is going to come out of this conversation. We know this prospect very well, we know what they need and we are going to darn tooting provide what they need. They are absolutely going to love what we have to offer and they are going to be our best customer and business builder…and then….they don’t! they are not! Oh, the disappointment! Oh, the pain of rejection!!

But do you know why you are disappointed? because you were too attached to the outcome. Again…hold the vision in your mind. This will make you speak with confidence. You love your products? good? tell the truth about how you feel about them. Your confidence and your truth are authentic. And they are that way whether your prospect buys into your business or not. So don’t attach to the outcome. Be attached to your truth. Be authentic. The sting of rejection will be almost non-existent. 🙂 After all, if there is rejection from one, there is bound to be acceptance from another.

– – –

In a later post, I will go into more details and more tips, but for starters, these three tips can go a long way, especially with a clear vision and goal. You have posture and confidence…you are not begging. This in itself, may mean that you may not even have to face rejection. But even if you do….nothing to it…piece of cake 🙂 The dragon is down!!!! Victory is assured!!! dragonslayer



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