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When I was a wee youngster, I used to be enamored by what I called “the simple life”. I used to watch shows like “Little House on the Prairie” and be moved by the fact that all you really needed was Love. A log cabin, a hand pump for water outside, a few chickens and a couple of horses would complete the picture. 🙂

I actually can vividly remember a dream I had a few times of myself and my family living in such a cozy little home, in which I had to climb a ladder to get into my loft hay mattress bed.(we had to be vary careful with the candles we used to light the home) I carried the belief in a simple life always with me. Looking with disdain upon people who glorified riches and material possessions. I loved and believed only in the goodness of the heart and the pure joy and love of the Arts, which was totally a pathway to God.

Older and wiser now, I see how my romance with poverty attracted it and made it a reality in my life. Well, I am not living in the romantic way I envisioned it, and I am not nearly one of the statistics that would be counted in the poverty bracket, but the fact is…as far back as I can remember, even though I came from a regular middle class home, I just never had any money. As soon as I got it, it was gone with nothing to show for it.

I moved out on my own to New York City in the late 90’s and can still not explain why, living on my own…no family, no responsibilities, no kids….only my dreams…why on earth was I always broke???

Other single friends, would plan vacations and trips and I would always back out for financial reasons. Sometimes, when we went out to dinner, my friends would pay for me, because “I had no money”…even though we all worked at the same company and followed the same artistic dreams. How does that make any kind of sense????

I attracted it to myself.

My self image was one of not having money. This is what I had wanted, right? –  “the simple life”

Well, how many of you know that the “simple life” I envisioned is much more easily lived WITH money…than without it.

See, I still am not a materialistic person. I still believe in Love and the goodness of the human heart, and the joy of creation in the Arts…all that good stuff. As well as, organic living, green energy, saving the planet and all that as well. But now I have come to realize that I can’t have that ranch on the hill, with my animals and my own vegetables and a house that is solar powered without paying for it!!! LOL 🙂

I realized that it’s not the money I was supposed to be hating. It was the principle of materialism and consumerism. I could be perfectly rich, with lots of money in the bank and STILL not buy into those concepts. I wanted a “simple” life…not a “poor” one. Phew! What a relief! I did not have to feel guilty about the fact that I was feeling bad about not having money anymore! There is nothing wrong with wanting some more cash flow…as long as it is just that…FLOW! not stagnant! (hoarding money is not being rich…but that’s another blog entry for another day)

So I started working with the Law of Attraction to attract more money to myself. But it didn’t happen much. Little things here and there, but nothing life changing. And then it clicked…I was still holding on to the romantic image of having no money. This was still the image I identified myself with. This had to change.

So that’s the new mindset. I do deserve money in my life. I love money (not hate it). Money enables me to do what I love to do and to live how I love to live – Simply!

Here’s a cute book I found that you might like to try on for size:

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