The biggest step towards Self-Love

Self-love…Can it be found?

sad mirror

Many of us are not even aware of the negative self talk going on in our brains all the time. We dress in nice clothes, get mani’s and pedi’s, get fancy hair dos and so on. We go to school, get the education our parents want for us and then get nice paying jobs in big named companies. Yes…we have arrived! To all intents and purposes, we have made it and we are ALL THAT! and I am not talking about what we look like to others, I am talking about what we are telling ourselves.

We got this! We did this! We have this! etc etc etc…..we are just that good and so we totally have self-love, right?…WRONG!

We are lying to ourselves! It’s all an illusion. The car, the job, even the husband.

It’s all nice and good…but that’s not self love.

because we come into the bathroom at the end of the day and look in the mirror…and we don’t like what we see. The same person with all those accolades and all those great things.

But how do we really find it? this self love thing.

Experience has taught me that it is a journey. roadΒ It does not happen instantly. You might get an understanding of it instantly, but you don’t exactly experience it in your everyday instantly.Especially if you have spent most of your live absolutely NOT having a clue what self love and good self esteem are about. Surprise!!!…You have to work at it.

You have to look in that mirror in honesty. Not just to put on those diamond stud earrings. But looking earnestly at that girl in the mirror. And tell her that you love her. That is a good start!

self love

But there is one step towards self love that I think may be the most basic but the most pertinent and it is – Caring for yourself! Doing for yourself!

It not only feels amazing, but it tells you that YOU are worth it! You are worthy! You are enough!

So go ahead, think of something you love to do. Do you enjoy writing? Start a blog! or a book!

Run a marathon, climb a mountain, learn to swim, or sew or crochet.

What ever it is that is calling to your inner self, answer that call. Take one small step and do it for YOU!

Then do it again tomorrow…and the next day…and so on.

Soon, that girl in the mirror won’t look so bad or so different from the girl inside you. She already “looks” beautiful, but now she is going to “BE” beautiful. You are gonna love her. She loves you. You have found Self-Love πŸ™‚




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