10 Female Empowerment Songs

10 Female Empowerment Songs as posted by Dellia Rismay – Awesome 🙂

Dellia Rismay

In honour of yesterday being International Women’s Day, this week’s post is dedicated to all the strong, beautiful and amazing women around the world. Here are 10 songs that serve as a reminder to all women that we are simply awesome.

From awesomelyluvvie.com

1) Run the World (Girls)-Beyoncé

This re-working of Major Lazer’s hit,  Pon Di Floor took an already infectious song and made it even better. (Who run the world? Girls!)

2) A Woman’s Worth-Alicia Keys

Don’t let this song’s relaxed melody and tempo fool you: it’s really a warning to men who don’t express their love and appreciation to their girlfriends or wives. Though A Woman’s Worth was written over ten years ago, its message is still relevant.

3) The Worst (Sail Out)-Jhené Aiko

The main message behind The Worst (Sail Out) is that wanting someone is not the same as needing someone, which is something…

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