Day 3…No…Day 1 – “Back in the Saddle” Healthy Life Style Challenge


Ok, and it is in this very way, that the “legitimate excuses” of life begin to sneak in against your resolve.

Today is day 3 of my 30 day “Back in the Saddle” quest for a healthy life style challenge. And already, I see the disasters.

On day 1, I went to the gym…as I documented in my last post.

On day 2, my muscles somewhat sore, and having received a little bad news about a financial situation, I opted for bed instead of the gym.

Today, Day 3, I have been gong ho all day, ready to head for the gym after putting the kids to bed. But lo and behold….I had forgotten that it was my mother-in-law’s birthday, and she was being taken out for dinner by the family.

So I planned…”fine…I will have only a salad at dinner, and then go to the gym after”

Great Plan…Greater problem…did not organize child care!!!

So guess what? I am home babysitting! I am not at dinner and I am not at the gym.


Well, at least I am here writing. That’s a good commitment to keep too 🙂

And I am very happy to share that I have a few beautiful women who are taking this challenge with me. I am very excited about this. And for their benefit, because I allowed myself to be distracted since announcing the challenge, I am hitting the RESET button and we are going to officially start again!


Remember, the first goal is to simply work out for 30 minutes, 3 times a week!

No pressure about what to do, just do something! You could take a brisk walk for all I care, just MOVE!!!

OK, so the countdown is on. Let’s do this!

Join the challenge with me on Facebook HERE!


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