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New Years’ Resolution Numero Uno – NOT TO BE BROKEN!!!


This is a big one! and a really good one since, as we have all heard before, Life begins at the end of our comfort zone.

life begins

When I was younger and straight out of college, I lived outside my comfort zone just fine. Probably drove my parents insane. But as I “grew up”, I settled down. Got a “real” job and began to live a “regular” life. SNOOOZE!!!! BOOOOORING!!!

Not only did I get bored, frustrated and unhealthy, I also got…BROKE!empty pockets

How on earth do you get broke in your comfort zone?….doing all the right things your parents told you to do??? That makes no sense.

But look around you. What do you see? An endless number of people running the endless rat race and endlessly trying to pay off the endlessly growing debts.

What is so “comfort”able about that “comfort” zone???? Nothing! I can tell you that!

Look, we are not all looking to be the next Warren Buffett, Donald Trump, or Mark Zuckerberg, but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to plan a day out with the family without first happy familycounting out all the bills that are hitting your paycheck this week. 

How about a date night out with your hubby – NO kids (I did say “datenight”, didn’t I?) Call in the babysitting service and go have a parents date nightball…you can afford it!

Or how about NO Family at all…How about a day just for you. Maybe a day at a fancy spa??? Get a facial, a massage, mani AND pedi…Why not?? You CAN afford it!

spa day

These are not tall orders…they are basics…and YES…you CAN afford them. Just saying’!

I, for one, am stepping way out of my comfort zone this year. I am so done being “comfortable”. I am ready to have some life and adventure in my life again. I am ready and willing to try something new and watch it pay off. Yeehaaa!!!!

Come on Folks!!! Let’s do like Nike…Just do it! 🙂 nike-just-do-it-hd-wallpapers-bikv0uh8

Love and Blessings