This Week in Medical History- Sir Ronald Ross

I have always had a thing for Medical History and News, (probably because of my own medical background) And this article is close to home for me because I grew up in Nigeria where Malaria was rampant. The developments in Medicine that made this possibly fatal disease so easily treatable were amazing and appreciated.

I hope you enjoy this interesting article about a very remarkable individual who was not only a Medical Scientist but was also a mathematician, epidemiologist, sanitarian, editor, novelist, dramatist, poet, amateur musician, composer, and artist.

I have also included one of his poems.

On August 20, 1897, Sir Ronald Ross discovered how malaria is transmitted.

Sir Ronald Ross

​While dissecting the stomach tissue of an Anopheles mosquito in his laboratory in India, Ross found the malaria parasite and ultimately proved that mosquitos are responsible for transmitting malaria to humans.

Ross also studied malarial parasites in birds and identified mosquitos as intermediate hosts for both avian and human malaria.

Ross’s discoveries provided an enormous advantage in tackling malaria prevention throughout the world.  Read More…

THE FATHER By Sir Ronald Ross

Come with me then, my son;
       Thine eyes are wide for truth:
And I will give thee memories,
       And thou shalt give me youth.
The lake laps in silver,
       The streamlet leaps her length:
And I will give thee wisdom,
       And thou shalt give me strength.
The mist is on the moorland,
       The rain roughs the reed:
And I will give thee patience,
       And thou shalt give me speed.
When lightnings lash the skyline
       Then thou shalt learn thy part:
And when the heav’ns are direst,
       For thee to give me heart.
Forthrightness I will teach thee;
       The vision and the scope;
To hold the hand of honour:—
       And thou shalt give me hope;
And when the heav’ns are deepest
       And stars most bright above;
May God then teach thee duty;
       And thou shalt teach me love.
Source: Father: An Anthology of Verse (EP Dutton & Company, 1931)

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