“Chunking” AKA Baby Steps to Achievement

Had a great call with the Mastermind Group last night. (Shout out to Project AWOL!!!) Here is one of the powerful nuggets that was shared and discussed. It puts a whole new twist to the word “Chunking”

chunking1See…that is what I would be thinking too! Chunks of Chocolate, chunks of anything good and yummy and sweet to eat.

But that is not what we were talking about.

The chunks we are talking about here pertain to Goal Settings and Achievement.

Say you want to read a certain book. Let’s make it Tolstoy’s War and Peace for the extra challenge. Now we all know you are very busy and so, when on earth are you going to find the time to finish this book. You can barely make it through the newspaper.

But even with your limited time, it CAN be done. How? You guessed it…


So you have all of 5 minutes a day to dedicate to your reading project and you can read about 2 pages in 5 minutes. Ok, so you could read 2 pages per day and you will finish all 1455 pages in 727 days, which is about 2 years. Hey, you would have finished the book!! Which is more than most people can say.

And that’s what chunking really is!

Whatever your goal is. Whatever you are intending to achieve.

baby steps

Sometimes you look at a goal and become overwhelmed. It is so big, so out there. Is it even possible?? By chunking it, it IS possible. Take baby steps. Do a little bit every day in the right direction and you WILL reach your goal.

Naturally, this applies to building your online business as well and is a very pertinent message.

We all know that there is much money to be made on line. But then we hop into a business and foolishly think that in no time, we will become super rich.

Er…no!…baby steps…chunking!

baby steps3

You want to make $10000 a month? Break it down into steps…how many sales do you have to make to do that? what do you have to do to make those sales? how many hours do you have to dedicate to achieve that? per week? per day?

Your first check MAY be a $10,000 check, after all nothing is impossible, but most likely it will not be. More like $100…may be even $25. But that first check of just $25 is the same thing as those first few pages of War and Peace. Baby steps. Bit by bit. Chunk by chunk….you’ll get there!

Another reason and method to chunk is that it if we chunk similar activities together, it will make us that much more productive, because we don’t have to switch gears between activities during a given chunk. This makes it easier to focus, and truly get done what you set out to do in that assigned amount of time.


So here’s to Chunking! Now let’s get out there, set some goals, chunk them and achieve them.

Write in and let’s see how we are all doing.

Stay Blessed!

Susan 🙂

baby steps2



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